Is there any smell more enticing than the aroma of freshly baked cookies?

Frozen dough cookies allow you to store tubs of dough in your freezer, ready for thawing whenever you want those freshly baked cookies, and people really love the convenience of frozen dough cookies. This means that if you are organizing a fundraiser, a cookie dough fundraising idea is obviously a sound choice to make.

Sure, cookie dough fundraisers have been around for ages, but the reason they are still around is because they are still as popular as ever - even people who are into health and fitness can't resist a cookie every once in a while!

Fundraising with frozen dough cookies is not as difficult as you might think, though there is a bit of organization to do. The biggest issue is working with a large fundraising team, especially on delivery day when cases and cases of frozen product will arrive and you need to work out how to distribute them.

You don't want a ton of cookie dough just thawing while you work out what to do, so you need to be prepared ahead of time for delivery day. If you have access to a commercial sized freezer, great, or if you have a smaller fundraising team you may not need to worry about it so much. It also helps if you can have your fundraising team present when the product is delivered so that each of them can take their orders right away and distribute them accordingly.

Another option is to select frozen dough cookies that get delivered directly to your supporters. You present the with a coupon, which they use to buy the dough themselves online, and it gets shipped directly to them from the company. This cuts out the hassle of delivery day altogether!