If you're looking far a great fundraiser idea for your sports team, school club, or any other organization, a Football Mania fundraiser can be a great profit-making idea. A Football Mania fundraiser is perfect as a start to the school year, where you can take advantage of the start of the football season and get some money in for your club at the same time.

Football Mania fundraisers are popular because not only are people supporting your cause, but they also stand to make quite a bit of money themselves! The ticket's sell for $20 each, and each ticket has a random 3-team combination for each of the 17 weeks of the football season. Depending on how well the ticket holder's 3 teams do in that week, they can win anything from $25 to a whopping $500. This is a huge incentive for people to buy these tickets, as a Football Mania fundraiser is not called that for no reason. People really do get excited about their football, and this takes the best advantage of that.

If you can get a Football Mania fundraiser organized at the end of the summer, maybe the last two weeks in August, people will have their tickets before the season gets under way, and everyone will be happy with that. It also means that your Football Mania fundraiser will mostly be out of the way by the time school starts, leaving you to worry about more pressing matters like getting the kids back to school.

A Football Mania fundraiser is a great way to take advantage of people's love for football, and make some money for your school or club at the same time. Football Mania cards practically sell themselves, and as more and more people become familiar with the concept, your Football Mania fundraiser will become more and more popular each year.