We've all seen plenty of group efforts for fundraisers - schools, churches, just about every group out there does fundraisers at one time or another. But what if you are on your own, and need some individual fundraisers that can work for a group of only one person? This kind of project is becoming more common these days, as people are getting out there by themselves and raising money for things like charities, helping save local institutions that are in trouble, or even getting the money together to help out a church or other community group.

Individual fundraising is very rewarding and can also be a lot of fun, but of course there is an incredible amount of hard work involved, as well.? Keep in mind, in most cases you will not have the usual support of a group or fundraising team on your side - for this one, it's just you. This means you need to do everything possible to keep your morale up, and not get discouraged if the growth of your effort is not linear. Many times individual fundraising ideas have their ups and downs, but it's important to keep your spirits high and your attitude positive throughout.

As for appropriate activities for individual fundraisers, obviously profit is of utmost importance, so you want to make every penny count.? Stick with ideas where you can make the highest profits, like discount cards or pizza cards.? You'll want to weigh the amount of sales you think you can make against the profits that will be returned from that amount of? sales, and make your decisions accordingly.? It doesn't make any sense to choose individual fundraisers where the shipping costs or minimum order requirements will not cut into your profits, so make sure that you look through our individual fundraisers pages and make note of the details of each fundraiser you are considering.