FBLA members are some of the most ambitious, energetic students in the whole school. They have goals they want to meet, and entrepreneurship runs in their blood. These are, after all, our Future Business Leaders of America, so what better group of people to organize a fundraising effort with?

FBLA fundraising does not only have lots of built in advantages, it's a lot of fun and a great learning experience, too.

FBLA students have a natural affinity for seeing the solution to a problem, and working toward that solution. They understand the benefits and necessity of FBLA fundraising, and they're willing to do whatever it takes to get the money they need to operate. This is something you definitely want to use to your advantage, as you're unlikely to find a more apt fundraising team anywhere else in the school.

Have a meeting with your team at the very beginning of your FBLA fundraising campaign, and let people talk about their ideas. Keep control of the situation, though - entrepreneurs can be very stubborn about their ideas, and when there are conflicting ideas, it can be difficult for people to agree on a single plan. Try to find some middle ground, and exercise your authority as the final decision maker when necessary.

FBLA fundraising is a great exercise to show these young business leaders how teamwork helps achieve a goal, and how every single person is important to the team. They will learn a lot about the power of a positive attitude, and they'll even get to experiment with a few of their sales techniques to see what works best.

FBLA fundraising is just about the most fun you can have while working toward getting those pesky funding problems taken care of. Get the students involved as soon as possible, and watch the sparks start flying!