It seems like these days, pretty much everyone is trying to get their lives to be a little bit greener. People are recycling, cutting down on energy wastage, and trying to reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, there's a kind of mania going on right now about going green, and if you are in middle of organizing some church fundraising, this is good news for you, because church plant fundraising really cashes in on the Green movement, while helping out the environment and the church in the process.

Church plant fundraising is a great way to make money, and can be done in a couple of different ways. There are live plant fundraisers like the evergreen trees that are part of our Go Green series of environmentally friendly fundraisers. This fundraising idea is fantastic because not only is it very popular, but your supporters will have a wonderful tree that makes their home more beautiful, and helps the earth. The trees are shipped in plastic tubes, along with everything else that is needed to plant and nurture it, so it's a fantastic all-in-one church plant fundraising idea.

Another way to do a church plant fundraising activity is to go with the traditional flower bulb fundraiser. Flower bulbs are a great fundraising idea, and like with the evergreen trees, this is a pre-sell church plant fundraising idea, so there's no upfront cost for you. You simply send your fundraising team out to collect orders and the money for them, and the cash to pay for the bulbs comes out of the money you have already collected. There couldn't be a more simple fundraising idea, and the beautiful flowers that come from it will please everyone.