When a large group of people, such as a high senior class, come together to have a class fundraiser, there are a number of criteria that must be met before choosing the right fundraiser for the group.

You have to make sure that the product line you pick is broad enough to appeal to a wide array of people. You need to make sure that the product line has price points that can appeal to people of all income levels. And, you need to make sure your fundraising line falls within the school or the school districts guidelines for fundraising.

More and more school districts are banning the sale of cookies and candy on campus to help combat childhood obesity. This means that groups that have for years had candy fundraisers or cookie dough fundraisers will have to seek alternatives.

One great class fundraising idea is a "green" fundraiser. Green fundraisers have products that are either earth friendly or are completely natural and organic. Green fundraisers are great because not only do they comply with school rules for what can be sold, but they also have great profit margins, terrific "sellibility", and can be used as educational tools as well as money generators.

Some of the really cool green fundraising ideas that some schools have used include reusable shopping bag fundraisers, tree fundraisers, flower bulb fundraisers, and healthy food fundraisers.