YMCA fundraising is both a joy and a struggle.

On the one hand, it's no trouble at all to make people understand the benefits of having the YMCA center in the community. People know the YMCA, the know what the YMCA does, and it's an organization they feel they can put their trust in. On the other hand, the fact that it is so well-established can also work against you.

The YMCA is so much a part of the community that sometimes people forget to be aware of it, forget that constant effort is required to raise enough funds to keep the good work of the center going. One great way to raise awareness for all the good the YMCA does in the community is to host a YMCA fundraising open house.

A lot of people don't know exactly how many great programs are available, and how hard the center works to provide activities to anyone who wants to participate, regardless of financial situation. If you can get your supporters into the building and show them everything that the center has to offer, your YMCA fundraising effort will go a lot more smoothly. You can start out by sending volunteers into the community, even door to door, to advertise your open house.

Our $1 chocolate bars are a good fundraising icebreaker, and when you give people their chocolate, you can give them your open house flyer, as well, and tell them about the YMCA fundraising event. At the actual event, you can have all sorts of great fundraisers on site, like an art sale featuring the work of local children, selling food and drinks provided by volunteers, or even a raffle.

Our fundraising scratch cards are a great idea, as well, and you can easily have volunteers walking through the crowd making that extra YMCA fundraising effort.