We usually think of classrooms as the main places where kids learn, but the lessons they get from their extra-curricular activities are invaluable, as well. Sports in particular help kids keep physically fit, and teach them about teamwork and how to keep a healthy competitive spirit. Unfortunately these things come at a price, as most sports require equipment, uniforms, and so forth. A school sports fundraiser can really help out with some of these necessities, especially since schools can have troubles with budget cuts and funding issues.

If you're wondering what kind of school sports fundraiser to try, start out by considering the size of your group, your customer base, and the amount of money you hope to raise. Many school sports fundraisers can work with any kind of group, but you'll want to read our school sports fundraiser pages to learn about shipping fees, minimum order requirements, and profit percentages for each school sports fundraising idea. If you have a larger group, you make be able to do one of the more large-scale school sports fundraiser ideas - pretzels are often a popular choice, and can make a lot of money for your group.

Smaller groups can maximize their profit levels by going for a direct sales school sports fundraiser that has no shipping fees and low or no minimums. Pizza cards, for example, are a win/win kind of school sports fundraiser, because not only do they offer some of the highest profits out there (up to 90%), they give your supporters a fantastic 2-for-1 deal on pizzas, and local pizza merchants get some advertising out of the bargain, as well.

We have a wide range of both pre-sell and direct sales school sports fundraiser ideas, so check out our school sports fundraiser pages for details, and call your fundraising consultant if you have any further questions.