As the cost of participating in the school band keeps going up, and school funding for music and arts programs keeps going down, the importance of school band fundraising grows every year.

When it comes time to think of some great fundraising ideas for band, of course you want to consider the band's monetary goals, and the effort it will take to reach them.

But of course when kids are involved, there's the fun aspect, too - you want to choose fundraising ideas for band that will not only make money, but will be enjoyable for everyone, as well.

Pizza cards make for great fundraising ideas for band if you have a smaller band that is concerned about profit margins. Pizza cards are only $10 apiece, they give a fantastic 2-for-1 pizza deal to your supporters, and if you can commit to a minimum initial investment of cards, you can make profits of up to 90%, all of which goes directly to to the band.

The Parade of Magazine fundraiser is another one of those fundraising ideas for band that works really well. You never have to worry about magazines going out of style - they are a very easy sell as far as fundraising ideas for band are concerned. Your supporters get huge discounts off the cover prices of their favorite magazines, and since this is one of our pre-sell fundraising ideas for band, there's no initial investment required of you at all, which is a big draw for some groups.

Scratch cards are another way to maximize profits with fundraising ideas for band, while keeping things simple. All you have to do is order the cards you want, and then the rest is up to your fundraising team and the band members. Your supporters will scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots, and the amount they uncover is the amount they donate to your the school band fundraising effort. In exchange, they receive a sheet of valuable coupons. Scratch cards can return profits of up to 90%, which makes them one of the highest profit fundraising ideas for band.