Fund raising is often the only way for some school sports programs to continue. If your school needs to do some fund raising there are some specific steps that you can follow to make sure the process is a success. Here are some simple but important steps to ensure your fund raising success: Step 1: Plan - Every successful fund raiser needs a plan to follow. It's important to have a start and end date. You have to let everyone involved with the fundraiser to know when it will take place. Some other parts of the plan should include setting up a budget, forming a committee, advertising, press coverage, evaluation of fund raiser. Step 2: Find partners that can help you - Make a list of all the potential people and companies that can help you with your fund raiser. Are there any businesses that will allow you to hang signs at their locations, can your fund raiser be included in the company newsletter, can you leave flyers in their store for people to look though. With a little creative thought you can come up with ways to reach large numbers of people by approaching businesses that you can partner up with. 3. Press releases - Let the media know about your fund raiser and why it's important to the community. When you approach the press you need to remember that they are interested in stories that their readers will be interested in. Don't write a press release all about your fund raiser, tie it into current events. Right now the economy is a big concern for many people. If your school is cutting back on the sports programs because of finical problems use that as your story line. Communities are concerned about youth sports and want to know how they can help. When you write a press release send it to the TV, newspaper and radio stations in your area. 4. Set goals - Set an amount that you'd like to reach with your fund raising efforts. Without a clear goal it will be difficult for every one to work towards a certain amount. When you set a goal and have everyone working towards the goal it will make the even much more successful. 5. Type of fundraiser - There are many different types of fund raising events that you can do. Everything from school car washes to selling products. The internet has made fundraising much easier for you. Follow these seven tips and your team's fundraising effort will be a big success.