You knew the day would come eventually: your child's hockey team needs to run a fundraiser to make up for the inevitable gaps in the budget. Hockey is such an expensive sport to be involved in - with all the equipment, uniforms, skates, fees, and travel expenses, very few teams at all manage to get along without some kind of hockey fundraising.

But if this is your first time being on the management end of a fundraising effort, you might find all the pressure and anxiety intimidating. The first thing you need to do is take a breath and relax. It's all going to be okay, because you have a great sales team on your side - the players themselves! People love to help children, especially when there's physical fitness involved, and with this great group of enthusiastic and motivated young athletes on your side, you've already got most of the recipe for successful hockey fundraiser.

The missing ingredient, of course, is choosing the right fundraising product to match your group and its needs. If your fundraising team consists mostly of the players, then you'll want to stick to something that the kids will be enthusiastic about selling. Are they going to be selling mostly to their own peer group? If this is the case, chocolate fundraising bars can work fantastically well. There isn't a kid in the country who doesn't like chocolate, and if they can get permission to sell the bars at school, the potential for profit is truly endless.

If your supporters are more likely to be adults, scratch cards may be a better way to go. They're very easy for your young players to understand and distribute, and the profit margins are truly remarkable - up to 90% on each card. Best of all, there are no minimums, so you can order as many or as few hockey fundraising scratch cards as you need.