When your church is in dire need of income, you might be disheartened to discover that a lot of church fundraising ideas expect you to buy products upfront. This can cause a lot of anxiety if you don't have that sort of money to work with - the whole point of the church fundraising activity is that you need to be bringing money in rather than giving it away. So if you are feeling stressed at the idea of having to give money from your own pocket in order to try some church fundraising ideas, don't worry - we have free church fundraising ideas that will get you out going down the road to fundraising success.

The two basic types of church fundraisers are direct sale, and pre-sale. It is likely that a lot of the church fundraisers you have been looking at have been direct sale, where you buy the products in advance and then keep the money that you make from selling them. A lot of churches do like these kinds of fundraisers, but not all fundraisers are like that. There are also plenty of pre-sale church fundraising activities to choose from, and as far as your church is concerned this would be free ideas for you.

Free church fundraising ideas are pretty easy to get started with.. You simply choose a product from our wide range of brochure-based free church fundraising ideas, and call us up to place your order. You can do anything from candles to cookie dough fundraisers to magazines fundraising. We will send you all the brochures and order forms your group requires, then as you go around collecting orders, you can collect the money directly from your supporters. There is no investment required from you other than your time and effort. So get your church group ready to go, because there's a whole world of free church fundraising ideas out there for you.