As cancer has become a more and more prevalent problem around the world, a number of amazing people and groups have started hosting cancer fundraising events to help raise money to pay for cancer treatments and research for cancer cures. These events will often be outdoor activities like cancer walk fundraisers or 5k runs. Without groups like Susan G Komen and the American Cancer Society coordinating these fundraising events, there is no telling how far back we would be in the fight against cancer.

Many of the people who host or work at these cancer fundraising events want to make sure they maximize the time they have to raise money. To do so, many of them have started looking for additional or supplemental fundraising programs that can be done while the main event goes on. But what are some good fundraiser ideas that you can use during a cancer fundraiser event?

The best programs to do are those that will capture the attention of your participants without distracting from the overall event. One of the best programs that we have for this is our go green fundraiser. It is a brochure based fundraising program with all of the items being focused on helping the earth and living a healthy and clean life. Similarly, our flower bulb fundraiser is very popular for events like these. You just set up a booth off to the side where people can buy things during breaks in the action.