Many times school fundraisers are major projects, involving a large effort and huge amounts of products. There are a lot of things to worry about with school fundraisers like these - organizing, ordering, and distributing can all be huge operations, not to mention the hassles involved if anything goes wrong. Sometimes you don't need to deal with all of that, though. If you have a small group that needs a modest amount of cash, we can help you put together an easy school fundraiser that will help you reach your goals with the minimum amount of fuss possible.

An easy school fundraiser is certainly doable, but one of the keys is getting all your organizational stuff done ahead of time. This is still fairly easy if you have a small group, as there's not a lot of math to be done. Simply take the total amount you need, divide it by the number of people in your group, and there you go, you know exactly what each person needs to be responsible for.

Once you know what your goals are, it's time to find an easy school fundraiser idea to get you there. One of the best school fundraisers for small groups is scratch cards, because they are easy in several ways. For one, scratch cards are simple to carry around - you can just stick them in your pocket or bag, and whenever fundraising opportunities arise, you're ready. There are no products to distribute, no delivery dates, no hassle whatsoever. Scratch cards are a direct sale fundraiser, so once you make your initial investment, there's no other money issues to worry about - all the profits go directly to your school. And what profits they are, too! You can make up to 90% profit with scratch cards, which makes them a fantastic easy school fundraiser for small groups.