One of the most popular ways to do a breast cancer fundraiser is to have a cancer walk fundraiser. The most popular and widely used of these events is the Relay for Life program that many of you have probably participated in. These events are a great way to get a large amount of support, both financially and by raising awareness to the efforts of cancer research and treatment organizations.

While the walk itself is a great way to raise money, there are even more opportunities that are often overlooked. When you are doing a breast cancer walk fundraising program, you will have a large number of people who are already dedicated to the fundraising effort and that presents a great chance to bring in even more funds.

If you set up booths at your breast cancer fundraising walk, you can do other fundraisers within the greater context of the walk. For example, it is incredibly common to add something like our Flower Bulb fundraiser or our Smencils fundraiser as a side program. You can also set up booths that sell refreshments or food items as cancer walks typically last for a good part of the day and people will obviously get hungry and thirsty while they are there.

Another great way to raise additional money during your breast cancer walk fundraiser is to seek out corporate sponsorships. These sponsors can hang signs or set up booths of their own during your event to let people know about their support for cancer research activities.