Raising money for the humane society is an important task, and it may seem overwhelming at times. With the right knowledge of fundraising though, it does not have to be. The biggest step is deciding between a pre-sell versus a direct-sell fundraiser.

A pre-sell fundraiser is a program that features brochures that are used for selling various products. Once your group has decided which fundraiser you will do, your fundraising consultant sends you free brochures then use them to show your customers what they are purchasing. You collect money as you sell and turn in part of the money you collect to pay for the items. Cookie dough, pretzels, calendars and candles are among the most popular pre-sell fundraisers. With a direct-sale fundraiser you purchase items ahead of time ? like candy then sell directly to the customer. Because you are spending money upfront, all the money you collect during the process becomes your profit.

When you are talking with your fundraising consultant there are a few key questions to ask before you get started on any type of humane society fundraising:

--Is there a minimum order my groups must sell? Will there be any type of shipping fee? Make sure that your group is up to the challenge of qualifying for free shipping, or can reach the minimum order.

--How long would you suggest we run this fundraiser? Fundraising consultants usually have a general idea of how long a humane society fundraiser should last. Most pre-sell fundraisers last about 2 weeks.

--How long will it take to receive the items? Shipping and delivery times are different for each fundraising program. Once they give you the answer, make sure that it fits into your schedule ? with a little extra time added on, just in case.

It may seem overwhelming at first?especially if you are the one in charge. humane society fundraising can seem like a very large task because it is so important, but that does not mean it is hard to do. For the best help contact a fundraising consultant, let them know your goals and your group size. Raising money for the humane society is important; and with the right fundraiser it can also be easy.