Some schools have a lot of people involved in the JROTC program, and that's fantastic, but there are quality JROTC corps on all ends of the spectrum. If you have a smaller group, it doesn't change their need for funding, and that means the need for JROTC fundraisers is still there, as well. But what are your chances of making sufficient money from a fundraiser if you only have a small fundraising team?

As it turns out, it's not as difficult as you think, and your opportunities for profit with JROTC fundraisers, even with a small group, are very high.

The trick to organizing JROTC fundraisers for smaller groups is to choose a fundraising product that suits the needs of the group. For example, if you know that you do not have a lot of selling power due to the size of your fundraising team, then it doesn't make much sense to choose a fundraiser that requires a high number of minimum orders, or where the shipping charges would significantly cut into your profits.

There are JROTC fundraisers out there for corps of any size, and you just have to tailor your choices to the needs of your group. A lot of direct sale fundraisers work well for small groups. Scratch cards, for instance, have extremely high profit margins, and there is a minimum purchase of just one card, so basically you can order however many you need and not worry about extra fees.

If you're worried about being able to put money down up front, then you'll want to go with pre-sale JROTC fundraisers instead. We send you all the order forms and brochures free of charge, but again, be careful about which product you choose - some have higher minimums than others, so stick to the ones that have the lowest minimums possible.