If you're in charge of the football fundraiser this year, you're probably wondering what sort of fundraising ideas you could consider that aren't like every other fundraiser out there. You want to do football team fundraising that works, but you also want something that will be exciting and fun to do. So what is the best way to think of exciting football team fundraising ideas?

Well, the first thing you need to remember is that just because a particular type of fundraising has been done before doesn't necessarily make it boring. Many sports teams and other clubs use the same fundraising ideas year after year, and there's a good reason for that. For one thing, if you've found a football team fundraising idea that has really worked well for your team time after time, sometimes it pays to stick with the winning formula rather than to try to do something radically different just for the sake of it. Also, often it's the case that football teams repeat the same fundraising ideas because their customer base actually looks forward to it and expects it. Think about the Girl Scouts, for example - what would happen if one year they suddenly announced that they were bored with cookies and not selling them anymore? Something like that could cause rioting in the streets!

So there's something to be said for building a tradition when it comes to football team fundraising. Sometimes the excitement of the fundraising comes not from having a new product, but from building expectation from previous fundraising ideas. If you find that your previous football team fundraising didn't go as well as hope, by all means, look into some new and different fundraisers, but if you have an idea that works, there's certainly an argument for sticking with the kind of football team fundraising that has proven itself before.