Are you a parent with a child in preschool? If so you are aware of how hard it is to run a successful and educational preschool program. It requires great teachers, new and exciting supplies, and child safety alarms on everything. It also requires an enormous amount of funding.

Lots of Fundraising Opportunities for Preschools

Running a preschool can cost a small fortune, but with the help of a preschool fundraiser, funding for the preschool can be easy as pie.

When you think of running a fundraiser you usually think of athletic teams or some kind of club. The truth behind it is that anyone and everyone can run a fundraiser. It is just a way to help out with funding for needed items. The great thing about preschool fundraising is that almost everyone loves cute little kids. How can they say no to a precious three year old who is batting their eyes? They can?t, and that is how you make the sale.

If your preschool is low on funding and needs to buy new supplies there are hundreds of ways that you can do a fundraiser and get the money that you need. A great idea would be to get all of the kids together and get them to finger paint a ton of pictures. This can be on the weekend or during the school day, (just make sure that you make them wear old clothes). Get them to finger paint pictures of animals, trees, their families, or anything that they can think of. Then, let them dry and explain to the kids how they are going to raise money.

With the help of the parents, they can go and visit neighbors or people that they know and ask them to buy some of their art work. This is a great idea, who can say no to a young Picasso? Then you can get the preschooler to sign their autograph on the paper and collect 20 bucks. See, it is as easy as pie. This is a great preschool fundraiser, because it gets the kids involved and lets them perform an activity that also teaches them that what they make is valuable.

Before you know it the preschool can have thousands of dollars for new supplies, and it only cost a couple of bucks to get it started. Preschoolers can also sell candy, cookies, or have a bake sale, but getting them involved in what they are selling is most important.

Preschool fundraising should be easy, fun, and effective. It shouldn?t take a lot of work, but it does require organization, patience, and creativity. With a few bucks and a handful of young Picasso?s, you can raise money for anything that your preschool might need.