You're probably already well aware that cheerleading fund raisers are a fact of life for most squads. Cheerleading is not the world's most inexpensive sport by a long shot. Someone has to pay for those uniforms and travel expenses, and since school seem to be increasingly unable to fund such programs, it's up to your cheerleading fund raiser to make up the difference.

But don't panic - you already have a secret weapon for your cheerleading fund raiser that you may not be aware of. Making the most of your cheerleading fund raiser basically boils down to making the most of your cheerleaders. Let's face it, these kids are full of personality, outgoing and friendly. Who else can you think of who's like that? That's right - salespeople. Cheerleaders are natural salespeople, so that should give you a lot of encouragement for organizing your cheerleading fund raiser. The sales are practically built in!

Cheerleaders also make great salespeople because they have a personal interest in the results of their cheerleading fund raiser. They know that the money that comes in from fundraising will directly determine how cool their uniforms can be this year, and what sort of cheerleading events they'll be able to enter. Motivation is a big part of sales success, and who could possibly be more motivated than cheerleaders?

Any experienced salesperson can tell you that it's not so much about the product, but more about the attitude of the person selling it. We have a lot of great products and types of fund raisers to choose from, so don't stress too much about what kind of cheerleading fundraising idea you choose, because these kids can make it work regardless. Keep it fun, remind them that this benefits them directly, and then release your homemade sales team onto those unsuspecting buyers. No doubt you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well your cheerleading fund raiser does!