You likely already know that a school spirit fundraiser is just a fact of life in most schools. Whether it's to help the football team, the cheerleaders, or a combination of groups or clubs, these are all activities that require significant money to run. Uniforms, travel, and other expenses have to be paid for somehow, and with many schools feeling the budget crunch in recent months, your school spirit fundraiser can make a huge difference in how these activities, sports, and clubs will face the future.

A school spirit fundraiser has a wonderful feature built right into it, in that you've got some of the most outgoing, enthusiastic, and, well, spirited kids on your sales team. They are natural salespeople, and they are one of the major keys to making the most of your school spirit fundraiser. They're also great at drumming up enthusiasm among the other students, and even in the community at large. With them on your side, you already have a huge head start toward making your school spirit fundraiser the best ever.

Also, with the kids having a personal interest in the results of the school spirit fundraiser, this makes them more likely to care about how things turn out. They realize that the cash raised by their school spirit fundraiser will affect them directly - it will determine just how many great activities they'll be able to participate in, and to what extent. With personal motivation being such a huge factor in the success of sales-related activities, the motivation of the kids will carry the school spirit fundraiser a long way.

Attitude is everything with school spirit fundraising, so try not to worry to much about which specific fundraiser you choose. Have a look through our school spirit fundraiser pages and you'll see that there are lots of great fundraising ideas that the kids can run with. Keep the atmosphere light, and remind them that their school spirit fundraiser will benefit them directly, which can be a great motivating factor.