If you have a kid in the marching band, then you're probably already familiar with marching band fundraising. There are a wide range of marching band fundraising ideas out there, and I'm sure you've already encountered quite a few of them as a marching band supporter. A lot of the success of marching band fundraising is knowing how to match your fundraising ideas to the people that you're organizing them for - the marching band themselves, and the people they will be selling to. There is a big difference between selling to kids and selling to adults, so knowing who your supporters are likely to be is a major factor in choosing the kind of marching band fundraising activity that will work well for your group

If you expect the band to be selling to their families, neighbours, and other adults in the community, it makes sense to tailor your fundraising ideas around that. Things like coffee, tea, or our popular Go Green fundraiser are sure to be a hit with the adults in your community, so don't be turned off by thinking that these are weird marching band fundraising ideas for kids to be involved with. You have to think about the supporters just as much as the team, and in fact if the supporters love the fundraising idea you've chosen, then the team ends up winning in the end.

On the other hand, if you expect most of your marching band fundraiser sales to take place at pep rallies, lunch periods, and between classes, then obviously you want to look at some activities that will appeal to kids. Candy bar fundraisers are an obvious choice, of course, and of course chocolate never goes out of style. If you're looking for some other kinds of marching band fundraising ideas that will appeal to kids, try checking out our band fundraising pages.