Doing fundraisers with middle school students can be quite a challenge. They are getting old enough to have to put more responsibility into fundraising efforts, unlike before, when the parents did most of the work. They are also getting smarter, and are not easily fooled by the excitement you use to describe a fundraiser. But it is not over yet ? they are not completely jaded to the fundraising experience, and can still make quite a difference if they choose to do so.

The key to a successful middle school fundraiser is to help the students understand what they are raising money for; give them a purpose. Although they are not little kids anymore, the majority cannot resist the urge to still be considered a ?helper.? They are trying to find their spot on the map; how to prove themselves ? and they can do that through fundraising.

Explain to the students what the money is going toward. If it is a club or organization you will likely get a good response. They are learning to have pride in their work, and to put roots into a sport or activity at this age. You can take advantage of that by being honest with them. Let them know that if they raise money during these middle school fundraising ideas that it will help pay for uniforms, equipments, instruments, supplies, costumes ? whatever the case may be. Try to make it something tangible, something they can be proud of in the end. Get them excited by showing them the current state of things, and challenge them to help it be better.

Middle school fundraising is not a lost cause. The fact that you are ready this article proves that you believe the same; otherwise you would have already given up. Make if fun, let them be creative, and most of all be an encouragement.