The hardest part of fundraising is motivation. Those participating in the fundraiser must be motivated to sell and raise money, and those buying must be able to see the importance from those selling. Whew. It can be exhausting.

But it is worth the fatigue. When you are doing a fundraiser for a cause that is worth your time you can easily learn to ignore the difficulty.

breast cancer awareness fundraising is one of those very causes. It affects everyone now. Just about every person has had a direct relationship with a woman who has suffered through breast cancer. Finding a cure is no longer just a far-off dream; it is something that we strive for because we need it, and we need it soon. There is no better motivation than hope.

When your group, or friends, or family decide to start a breast cancer fund raiser, keep in mind the motivation behind your goal. Keep each other accountable, and be enthusiastic about what you are trying to achieve. Let those who you are asking for help know exactly what you are raising money for; when they see your passion they are more likely to give willingly.

At the beginning of your breast cancer fund raiser make your goals clear to the group. Let them in on the who, what why and how of your fundraiser. Explain the importance of selling pizza cards, or scratch cards or flower bulbs. Keep your group motivated through updated emails, weekly meetings, and phone calls. Whatever is driving you to raise money for breast cancer research is what they need to know.