Without finding the fundraising program that is just right for your team, basketball fundraisers can be very challenging. Most programs feature great incentives and profits, but often have one fallback that makes fundraising harder than it has to be. However, there is a new program available in fundraising that is changing everything. The money savings card fundraising program is a brand new basketball fundraiser that is revolutionizing the way your team will raise money.

What is a Money Savings Card?

A money savings card is exactly what it sounds like; a card that features a login code on the back that customers can use to save money. Each card is sold for $10; once your customer has purchased the card, they go online, login to the featured website and do their regular online shopping. Because they have purchased the money savings card they will be made aware of any and all online discounts or coupons at their favorite stores.

What is the benefit for my team?

The money savings card fundraiser has the highest profit of any fundraisers available. Your team will be making the most money possible. You can also save the hassle that other fundraisers cause; with this program you are getting the following:

--No follow up with customers

--No refrigeration needed when products come in

--Cards do not expire

Among other things, these are the reasons that slow most groups down when raising money. With money savings cards though, you will not have to worry about any of that ? you can focus on making the most with your basketball fundraising!