If you are organizing a non profit fundraising effort, you probably have no idea of the range of possibilities available to you. One of the obvious choices is to have some sort of non profit fundraising event, possibly with bands or other performance acts donating their time and skills to the cause. But you must not make the mistake of relying only on ticket prices for your non profit fundraising - there are a whole host of supplementary fundraising ideas out there, so of course you want to take full advantage of that by organizing some peripheral non profit fundraising activities in addition to the main event.

One of the smartest things to do is make sure that your event has an intermission. Not only will this give the audience a chance to stretch their legs and walk around a little, it's also a fantastic time for you to bring your supplementary non profit fundraising ideas into the spotlight. Of course you'll want to be serving drinks and snacks, but how about some other things, as well? It's not difficult to set up a table or booth with candy bars, or to have members of your organization walking around with our scratch cards for non profit organizations.

Direct sale fundraisers will probably be your number one choice for non profit fundraising at an event, and we have such a wide variety of direct sale fundraising ideas that you can really get a good selection going at your event. When there's something for everyone and a lot of different non profit fundraisers to choose from, most people will buy at least one type of product, and some may even go for two or more if they see something they like. Many of our direct sale non profit fundraising ideas involve items that are priced very low, so the chances of getting people to buy multiple items is very high.