If you are looking for a good way to raise money for your church as well as bring the community together in the spirit of cooperation, organizing a church cookbook fundraiser is certainly a fantastic way to do both. A church cookbook fundraiser is an activity that can really help get everyone's creativity flowing, and when it starts bringing in money for the church, people will feel even better about the church fundraiser.

The best way to get started is with a church bulletin or letter sent out to the parishioners. Explain that you are putting together a church cookbook fundraiser effort, and ask people to send in their best recipes. People love to share things like recipes, and you will probably find that you are overwhelmed with submissions for the church cookbook fundraiser. You can either choose to make a small book and include only the recipes you think would go over best, or you can simply use all the recipes you get and go for a big church cookbook fundraiser that everyone can be a part of.

The practical aspect of your church cookbook fundraiser is the most difficult thing to get around, but even that can be made simple. Obviously you'll need to get your book assembled, printed, and bound, and this takes some work. Finding someone in your congregation to donate their time can be very useful and can save you a lot of money, especially if you choose someone who has some experience with word processing software. All the typing and layout work for your church cookbook fundraiser can be done at home, and if you can find a local print shop that is sympathetic to the goals of the church, they may even give you a discount on the printing and binding of the books. Then all you have to do is offer the books for sale after church, at evening church functions, or even by going door-to-door in the community. A church cookbook fundraiser is not only an original fundraising idea, it's a great way to let the personality of the congregation shine through.