Admittedly when you think of school fundraisers, visions of candy bars, cookie dough, or other such products come to mind. This can lead to worries about the hassle of having products to carry around everywhere. But it doesn't have to be like that - there are various types of paper based school fundraisers out there, that can help keep bulk down to a minimum and simplify the school fundraiser process.

The most obvious kind of paper school fundraiser is a brochure fundraiser. We send out all the papers you need to get your school fundraiser started - brochures and order forms for everyone in your group. All the kids have to do for their school fundraiser is carry the order form paper with them when they take the brochures around the neighborhood, and keep track of who orders what. It keeps them from having to lug boxes of products around for two weeks, as everything but the last stage of a brochure school fundraiser is run on paper.

If you want to go for a direct sale paper based school fundraiser, discount cards may be a good option for you. This is the easiest kind of paper school fundraiser, as the kids can just carry the cards around in their pockets or bags, ready to go for when any school fundraiser opportunity pops up. The benefits of discount card fundraisers are multiple, as not only are they easy to sell and distribute, they have some of the highest profit level of any school fundraiser. Things like pizza cards can be very popular as a school fundraiser, because pretty much everyone loves a good deal on pizza, and with the help of local pizza restaurants, your group can benefit greatly from this kind of school fundraiser. The best part is, you don't have to deal with any products yourself, as it's a school fundraiser that on your end only deals with the cards themselves.