If you have been involved with Christian fundraising efforts in the past, then you're already familiar with the excitement and joy that goes along with being a part of such a rewarding venture. But when it's your turn to do the organizing yourself, the tables can turn, and what was once thought of as something fun can suddenly be very scary.

When the pressure is on for you to run the most successful Christian fundraising effort possible, you want to get everything right. This takes some knowledge and confidence, but if you can get the knowledge part taken care of as soon as possible, the confidence will certainly follow.

The best way to get organized with Christian fundraising is to have a group meeting. Assemble your entire fundraising team, and start talking about your financial goals, your time frame, and just how much effort everyone is willing to put into the fundraiser.

You can also assign some roles, such as who will be in charge of advertising, and who will keep track of the money. Everyone in the group will have different strengths; the key to making the most of your Christian fundraising team is to utilize those strengths by giving everyone appropriate roles to play. This can greatly increase your chances of success, as people do a better job when they are doing something they enjoy.

You will need a great Christian fundraiser to help get the ball rolling, and that's where we can help. No matter how large or small your fundrasing team is, or what your monetary goals may be, there are a large number of fundrasers out there that can help you be successful. We have everything from candy fundraisers to magazines to scratch cards, so no matter what you were hoping to accomplish with your Christian fundraising effort, we can certainly help get you there.