There are literally hundreds of types of groups and clubs in today's colleges, and the great majority of them receive no funding from the school directly. This means that being in college will most likely eventually mean getting involved with a college fundraiser. Whether you belong to a fraternity or sorority, a common interests club, or an activities organization, chances are at some point your group will require some money, and organizing a college fundraiser can be both fun and helpful.

The first thing to do is to get together with your group and discuss the goals of your college fundraising efforts. What exactly is it you need money for, and how much will that cost? What about costs that may pop up later in the year? Get specific quotes for things and be certain of how much you need, as you don't want to have to run a second college fundraiser immediately after the first one. Get your numbers right the first time, and know exactly what you are looking for in terms of dollar amount.

The second thing to do is to choose a college fundraiser that suits your group, and that fits your likely customer base as well. Exactly who will be buying the products from your college fundraiser? Fellow students? Parents and teachers? The local community? We have fundraisers ranging from candy bars to environmentally-friendly products, so make sure the college fundraiser you choose fits well with the people you will be selling to. If you can get permission to sell on campus at lunch periods, for example, chocolate bars may be an excellent college fundraiser. If you have a large club who are planning on selling to their families and friends, a catalogue may be a better choice for your college fundraiser.

Lastly, get excited! College fundraisers are often a fact of life, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun, as well. Remember that your group or club will benefit directly from this college fundraiser - that can go a long way toward keeping everyone's enthusiasm levels high.