These days, high schools football is there not just to teach kids about sports, but to give them important developmental lessons about ambition, competition, and teamwork. But the state of school funding in the current economic situation means that a high school football fundraiser is going to be a fact of life at some point if the team wants to keep having updated equipment, new uniforms, and travel expenses. No matter how small or large the team, or what their financial requirements are, chances are the group will need some extra money, and a high school fundraiser can be just the ticket to keep them moving toward their goals.

When you're organizing your football fundraiser, firstly you need to have a meeting to discuss your goals and targets. What exactly do you need money for, and how much? You want to get your high school football fundraiser right the first time and not have to worry about any other expenses afterward, so make an effort to be realistic about what amount of money you actually need, as trying to minimize the pressure on your fundraiser is not doing anyone any favors.

Choosing a high school football fundraiser that will work well with your group is important, and you want to keep your supporters in mind, as well.. Who do you expect will be your target market for your high school football fundraiser? Is this something you'll probably keep on campus amongst the students, or do you think they'll most likely take their fundraising efforts out into their families and the wider community? There are all kinds of football fundraising ideas available, everything from candy bars to scratch cards to tea and coffee, so you don't have to worry about finding a high school football fundraiser that will fit your situation. Have a look through our high school football fundraiser pages, and you are sure to find a fundraiser activity that will really inspire the team to give their best effort.