If you have ever had a youth sports fundraising before now, you already know what mayhem it can become, and how quickly everyone can get all tangled up in confusion.? Everyone has their own ideas about what to do, and their own opinions about what the experience should be like.? But if you're the boss in charge of getting it all organized this year, where does that leave you?? If you want to take charge and put together a youth sports fundraising effort you can be proud of, you've got to start planning ahead now, and stay focused.

Youth sports fundraising is no more difficult than any other kind of fundraising, but when you get the parents and the kids involved together, it the chaos can multiply quickly.? But you can make the decision to keep things simple - ask for a few volunteers to help organize, and you'll quickly find that most people shy away.? The ones who don't are the ones who are really dedicated, and then you'll have some people to assist you when your fundraiser becomes complicated or more than one person can handle.

Delegation is key with youth sports fundraising ideas, and once you have your group of organizers ready to go, find out who has what strengths.? Someone will likely be really good at advertising, whereas someone else may be good with numbers or keeping the money straight.? There are many jobs to be done, from inventory to accounting to keeping the kids motivated about what they're doing.? The more you can use your team's strengths, the more likely everyone will feel like they have a real part to play, and the more successful your youth sports fundraising effort is likely to be.? Keeping people encouraged and busy is paramount, and is probably your most important role as a fundraising organizer.