You have come to the right place if you are looking for an appropriate fundraising idea for your fraternity. We have a large variety of fraternity fundraising ideas ready to go, and they're cool ideas, too, ones that people will actually get excited about. All you have to do is have a look through our range of popular fraternity fundraising ideas, and pick one that you think will work best with in your fraternity chapter.

One very popular fraternity fundraising idea are the $1 candy bar fundraisers. Pretty much everyone likes chocolate, and even college students are bound to have a dollar on them at lunch time or between classes. If you get your army of fraternity brothers out there on campus with boxes of $1 candy bars, you can really make a lot of money quite quickly, and the chocolate is a very easy sell in places like college dorms and public meeting areas.

Fraternity scratch cards are another great idea to get your profits up in a short amount of time, especially if your fraternity chapter is quite small and you need something with a high rate of return. The concept of the scratch cards is easy - all you do is carry the cards around with you, get people to scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots, and they donate the amount they uncover. Simple. The cards are easy enough to carry around in your pocket, so you'll always be able to take advantage of a fraternity fundraising opportunity wherever you are, and the cards work well both on campus and with family and friends outside of school, so that makes it a pretty versatile fraternity fundraising idea, as well.

We have a lot of fraternity fundraising ideas for every size and style of chapter, so whether you're a small group or a large group, looking to raise a little or a lot of cash, just have a look through our fraternity fundraising ideas and there will surely be one that will suit your group.