Parents and teachers of preschool children would agree that a healthy snack is a better snack. If your school is trying to raise a little extra money, consider selling Welch?s Fruit Snacks for your preschool fundraiser as an alternative to having a candy sale.

Preschool fundraising can be a little tricky. The children are not yet old enough to sell products throughout the community, and they have no money to spend. So it is up to the parents. If the parents at your school are tired of doing extra programs and fundraisers, then selling Welch?s Fruit Snacks is the way to go!

The key to this fundraising for preschool is advertising. Parents cannot buy products they do not know about. The easiest way to inform parents is to send a note home with each child. Make a flyer with the following information:

--The dates of the fundraiser; when the sale will start and end.

--The type of items you are selling; write out each flavor.

--The price of each item.

--The nutritional facts of the items you are selling.

--The reason for the fundraiser; what are you raising money for?

--Where the items are being sold; will teachers have the products, or should they be bought in the main office?

Of course, word of mouth is also a great fundraising tool. As parents drop off and pick up their children from school each day remind them about the fundraiser. You can also post flyers on the doors. Get the word out, and you should have no problem raising money!