To everything there is a season ? including fundraiser! Check out the list below to find the best time for your next private school fundraising.

Fall: During the fall there are lots of options. Any of the pre-sell fundraisers are available such as cookie dough, candles, flowers, Go Green, candy, or calendars. The important thing to address is when you want to receive the products. Contact your fundraising consultant in advance to discuss shipping dates and deadlines.

Winter: The winter months are a little trickier. With holidays you have to watch out for specific deadlines. It is best to plan your private school fundraiser about 2 months in advance to be fully aware of any and all holiday deadlines. Keep in mind that if you are hoping to have an item to pass out by Christmas, that you will need to take into account the day that school gets out, not just Christmas day. Calendars make a GREAT holiday fundraiser.

Spring: Some of the most popular spring fundraisers include the flower bulb and Go Green fundraiser. Each features seasonal items, so once again, it is important to talk to your fundraising consultant about specific turn-in dates. These private school fundraiser often have to be turned in several weeks before the season is really over.

Summer: The best summer private school fundraiser would be a card program. With cards (pizza cards, sandwich cards, money savings cards, scratch cards) there is no need to follow up with the customer for delivery ? you simply hand the product over at the time of sale. Money savings cards even offer the opportunity to sell to out-of-state customers.

Whichever fundraiser your school chooses, be sure to check with your fundraising consultant to see if it is the right season!