The PTA is organized to help the children. In today?s society school districts are barely even getting by while just supplying the bare essentials for the school. Therefore the PTA was established in order to help provide things for the school and kids that would otherwise not be able to be purchased. Being a part of the PTA can be a big undertaking because everything that is done needs to be recorded including the PTA purchases. After all the main purchase for PTA fundraisers is to purchase items the school can not or will not pay for.

Since the PTA is the voice that speaks on behalf of every child, they have a big responsibility. Having to report to the State and National PTA requires everything, including the purchases, to be noted. As in the National PTA, the local PTA?s should have a finance committee. Typically this committee consists of a secretary-treasurer, the president of the local PTA and one to three additional members, depending on the size of the organization. They will oversee all that occurs in regards to the purchases that are made by the organization. Each year this group shall present an annual budget to the board for its approval. This budget should notate the amount of money that is in the account and lay out any purchases that are anticipated.

True, each purchase that is made by the PTA needs to be voted on. The other parents, teachers and students have the right to know where the money the organization has is going. Any unanticipated purchases and others that come up need to be added to the budget, which will then have to be adjusted. PTA?s have a couple different ways of raising their money that they use. One is from the dues paid by the members and the other is by fundraisers that are organized and held. Parts of the dues go to the State/National PTA and the remainder is used for essential costs. If the PTA does its homework and organizes a great fundraiser, there is a good chance of adding a great deal of money to the budget.

When dealing with money, whether it is counting money that has come in or spending money on essentials or voted on items, one member of the PTA should never handle it alone. A good rule of thumb is to always have at least two people present during these events. This will help to eliminate any misconceptions should the books become unbalanced. Remember, all that is being done if for the good of the children.