If you're looking for something similar to a QSP magazine fundraiser to help your group raise money, you might have been put off by all the hassle of having to sign up online and run your fundraising account through their site.

This can be confusing if you didn't want to do your fundraising online. You just want a simple magazine fundraiser to do the old-fashioned way, without any unnecessary complications or extra steps.

Sometimes it's better to be able to keep track of your fundraiser offline instead, and we have the perfect solution that has been proven to work since long before people were fundraising on the internet.

Our version of the QSP magazine fundraiser doesn't require any online registration at all. In fact, if you'd prefer to speak to a fundraising consultant on the phone, we can connect you to a live person who can give you expert advice and answer any questions you may have about magazine fundraising.

We offer 80 of the most popular magazine titles around, so you don't have to worry about offering magazines no one wants, and the discounts off the cover price are enough to tempt just about anyone. A magazine fundraiser is perfect for all sorts of school groups, and no matter what your financial goals are, we can help you reach them.

Running a magazine fundraiser is easy, too - the kids themselves can do most of it. All they need to do is take their brochures and order forms around to potential supporters, and explain what they're offering. The brochures are pretty self-explanatory, and people understand how magazine subscriptions work.

As far as fundraisers for kids go, a magazine fundraiser can be a great place for them to start, and can help teach them the basics that will help them throughout their school and college careers.