There are lots of folks searching for ways to raise money for a mission trip. With the economy suffering that is more true now than ever.

There is no need, though, to not go on a mission trip. There are tons of church fundraisers designed for individuals that need to raise money.

The best way to start is to determine how much money you need to raise and send letters to everyone you know. Let them know about your trip. Where you will be going. When you will be going. What you hope to accomplish on your trip. And how much money to need to raise in order to go.

Many churches will allow potential donors to pay the church or missions group and allocate the money for your benefit. By doing that people can deduct the money they donate for your mission trip from their personal income taxes. Hopefully that will get you all the money you need.

But if it doesn't you might consider any of these mission trip fundraiser options:

1. Candle Fundraisers: You will find a couple of faith based candle fundraising lines that offer candles with scriptural packaging. These candles sell well within the faith-based community.

2. Pizza Card Fundraisers: These are one of the highest profit fundraisers around. Check to see if your local store participates and, if so, you can make 90% profit or more.

3. Cookie Dough Fundraisers: A couple of companies have just started home delivery cookie dough programs that really open up your market to sell cookie dough.

So don't consider not spending time in the mission field. Consider these mission trip fundraising ideas.