High School marks a transition in a lot of things for students. They are obviously growing older and discovering who they are and what things interest them. There is a big increase in autonomy and personal responsibility. There is also a big transition in the types of fundraisers that the students do.

Having moved away from the school wide fundraising programs, a high school fundraiser needs to be more readily scaled to smaller groups. The typical high school fundraiser has anywhere from one to twenty five students selling which means that some fundraising programs, like those with very high minimum order levels or low profit, probably do not make sense for these groups.

The very best high school fundraising ideas are those that offer high profits, low minimum order levels, are easy to manage, and are fun and engaging enough to keep high school students motivated to keep selling. While that may sound like a lot of ground to cover when looking for a fundraising program, it really doesn?t have to be that hard.

For example, many high school groups are having a really good time participating in our Go Green Fundraiser. Students really seem to enjoy the idea of selling earth friendly items to help raise money.

That is just one of the many, many fundraising programs we offer that are made for High School groups. If you need help picking a program or if you just have some questions about a program you have seen, do not hesitate to call one of our fundraising experts at 866-874-8383.