If you're looking for a rewarding experience, you can't go wrong with Christian fundraising. It's a great way to get out into the community that the church serves, bond with the other members of your congregation, and make money for the church while you're at it. Christian fundraising is one of the best ways to spread His message while helping the church get the things that are needed to run properly.

Christian fundraising often brings up some moral dilemmas with regard to the way you go about it. Obviously you don't want to ask anyone to participate in any activity that isn't directly reflecting the glory of God, and you wouldn't want the church to represent itself in a bad light. It is a fact of life that churches and other Christian groups need money in order to operate successfully, but Christian fundraisers should also adhere to the standards that you know are good and right.

Christian fundraising is important and even fun work to participate in, and you will certainly enjoy choosing one of our fundraising activities. In particular, many Christian fundraiser groups really love selling our Journey to Faith Fundraising Candles. These candles are beautiful, and each one is designed on a theme from scripture, so you know that the message you're sending out is an appropriate one for your group.

If you're not sure that candles are the right idea, don't worry - we can assure you that all of our fundraising ideas are appropriate in a Christian context, and you can feel comfortable choosing any of them. So whether you go with the candles, a food fundraiser, or even our Christian scratch cards, you can know for sure that you have chosen a Christian fundraising activity that will raise the funds your group needs, while still upholding the standards of your faith and helping the church connect with the community.