The YMCA has a lot of responsibilities as an organization dedicated to helping people. The policy of the YMCA is that they never turn away anyone, regardless of ability to pay, and this generosity and commitment to helping has a lot of financial responsibilities associated with it.

YMCA chapters do rely a lot on fundraisers to help with money concerns, but it can be difficult to drum up enthusiasm for the same old tired fundraisers year after year.

What a lot of chapters are doing for their local YMCA fundraiser these days is to take advantage of the fact that the public is more earth-conscious and thinking about sustainability. An earth-friendly fundraiser is a great way to get the public interested in what you're trying to do, because it's a topic that's at the front of everyone's minds.

Our Go Green catalogue fundraiser is a fantastic idea for a YMCA fundraiser, as it shows the Association's commitment to the planet, and to progressive thinking. What's more, it provides your supporters with products they are actually interested in, products that will reflect a desire to live a more green lifestyle.

And the great thing about a catalogue-based YMCA fundraiser is that there is so much to choose from - no matter what your supporters might be interested in, there are items in the catalogue that will appeal to just about everybody.

If you are running your fundraiser in the late winter or early spring, flower bulbs can be an excellent choice. What better way to give people a wonderful reminder of their gift to the YMCA, than with a beautiful flower they can enjoy again and again? Flower bulbs work particularly well for a YMCA fundraiser in the first quarter of the year, when people are starting to plan their gardens and think about what will happen after the spring thaw.