Let's face it: FBLA is usually not the biggest club in the school, and in fact it tends to be one of the smallest, as it attracts only the brightest and most ambitious people from the student body.

FBLA is also not the most high profile of clubs. While sports like football and basketball have no problem getting all the attention, FBLA does not have the benefit of pep rallies or cheerleaders. So when there is a need to supplement funding for your local FBLA chapter, you may start out feeling discouraged about your chances of doing well with an FBLA fundraiser.

But take heart - there are lots of ways you can make this fundraiser work well for you, and you actually have a lot of good things on your side. First of all, remember that these are our future entrepreneurs we're talking about. These are students who are naturally ambitious, well-organized, and good at solving problems. They're often gregarious, outgoing, assertive, and friendly as well.

If you think about it, what other group of people share those same characteristics? Salespeople, of course. You have a ready, willing, and able team of young salesmen on your side, and that should make you feel very positive about the FBLA fundraiser ahead of you.

They're inexperienced, so they may need some pointers in the right direction, but for the most part their personalities will carry them through what needs to be done for their FBLA fundraiser. Also, this is a perfect way to show FBLA members how to work in a team, and how asserting their individuality within the team is also an asset.

If you set up little contests (first person to a certain monetary goal wins a prize), you will probably find that your FBLA fundraiser becomes a very animated exercise, with a group of highly motivated people determined to reach their goals.