Fundraising of any kind can be trying at the best of times. Even if you've done this a million times before, there's always a certain amount of stress when it comes to keeping your fundraiser organized and running smoothly. If you have chosen a cookies dough fundraiser, however, you have already given yourself a great head start, as you have a product that pretty much sells itself, and it's very likely that your fundraising team already has a healthy amount of enthusiasm about freshly baked cookies.

We have cookies dough fundraising ideas that will give you an impressive profit margin, and some of them are so easy to implement that you'll wonder what you ever stressed about.

Cookies dough fundraising probably conjures up ideas of a chaotic delivery day, with tons of frozen cookie dough everywhere and fundraising team members trying to get it distributed. Now, if you have a large fundraising team, this might not be a problem - just wait for the dough to be delivered, split it up among the appropriate people, and get it sent out.

But if you have no place to put the dough and you're worried about having frozen product for too long, then you might want to look into other cookies dough options. One way to get around the frozen cookies problem is to try a dry mix instead. Our dry mix cookies dough fundraisers have proven very popular in recent years, and they really couldn't be easier. The mix stays at room temperature, of course, so you can distribute the orders whenever you find it convenient.

Another option is to try our home delivery frozen cookies dough fundraiser, where your supporters order directly from the company, and their order is shipped directly to them, cutting you out of the delivery process entirely.