The hardest part about fundraising for adoption expenses is that there is always a large amount of money to raise and a considerably small amount of people to do the raising. There are some fundraisers designed just for the occasion ? high profits with minimal effort.

Pizza Cards

Selling pizza cards is a wonderful way to raise money for an adoption fundraiser. Just go online to see if there is a participating store in your area. If so, call and place your order with a fundraising consultant. If not, download the merchant agreement and take it to the pizza place in your area. Once it is signed, call and place your order. The cards sell for $10 ? the more you purchase the more you make.

Flower Bulbs

Flower bulbs are a great way to raise money for your adoption. Not only are the products environmentally friendly; they also provide a unique way to raise money. Products are light-weight, so you can mail them to out of town relatives who want to help. You make 50% profit with every item sold.

Home Delivery Cookie Dough

The newest cookie dough program gives you the opportunity to sell to relatives and out-of-towners. Most products have to be sold locally in order to be able to deliver them to your customers. This new program actually allows your customers to go online and have the cookie dough delivered to their house. You do not have the hassle of keeping them frozen, and they can have them delivered whenever they are ready to actually bake the cookies.

Try to get as many people involved as possible. If you have only a few people selling then try to find a selling area for each person ? a school, a church, your neighborhood - cover the basics. Targeting people you know will help as well during adoption fundraisers; they will be more open to helping you when they know the passion behind the cause.