Oftentimes Rotary fundraising is a large affair, with huge fundraising teams or even multiple teams banding together for a single cause. But that's not always the case.

Sometimes you'll need to run a small fundraiser, perhaps just to support a single individual or fund a particular activity. In this case, you'll need a Rotary fundraising idea that works well for small groups.

If you're used to more large-scale fundraising, figuring out how to do a small fundraiser can be a little tricky, but we have some great fundraisers that can work well even on the smallest scale imaginable. One of the most popular fundraisers for small groups is scratch cards. A scratch cards fundraiser is not only effective, it's also fun, and because of the lack of any product that needs to be shipped to customers, it's very convenient, as well.

And the way scratch cards work is simple. All you need to do is order the number of cards you want, give a card or more to each member of your fundraising team, and send them out. Supporters will be asked to scratch off two of fifty covered dots on the card, and that will reveal an amount that they are suggested to donate. Not only is this one of the highest-profit Rotary fundraising ideas out there, but you also get the benefit of people who are overly generous with their donations.

Because the individual donation amounts are relatively small, many people will round their donation up, making even more profit for your cause. It just doesn't matter if how small your Rotary fundraising team is, we can put you in touch with the right fundraising ideas that will help you reach your goals. For more spectacular small-scale ideas, have a look at our fundraising page for small groups.