Churches are more than just a place to pray - they're springboards for spreading the word. Mission trips are one way that churches and other Christian organizations can help others and be examples for His glory, but the desire to go on a mission trip is not always enough to make it happen.

Some churches are lucky enough to be able to fund mission trips on their own, but others have to find some way to make the money for travel and other expenses. Fundraising for mission trips is a fantastic way to make sure that your church's missionaries have the money they need to get out there and do their work.

But that's not the only good thing about a fundraising activity: it also helps strengthen the bonds within the group, by fostering the spirit of teamwork. Mission trip fundraisers also gives your fundraising team a chance to see how they will operate as a missionary team - which people excel at which sorts of tasks, who is the social person, who is good with numbers, who is the most logical thinker, and so forth.

Choosing the right sort of fundraising idea is essential if you want your fundraising to be a success. There are many kinds of fundraisers out there, but you shouldn't just choose one at random and hope for the best. We have fundraisers that work specifically for small groups, or larger groups, or even some that have a Christian theme.

So if you want your fundraising for mission trips to raise as much money as possible, have a look at the sorts of products and activities we have available, and see what matches up with your group and your monetary goals.

If you have any questions, feel free to call up your fundraising consultant, who can help you with advice and organizational tips.