Choir fundraisers are a necessity of church life these days. The choir needs uniforms, books, sheet music, and even travel expenses if they are touring to represent the church. These things don't come cheaply, but hosting some choir fundraisers can really help boost the income of your church choir and support them by enabling them to purchase everything they need without worry.

One of the simplest and best ways to raise money for the choir is to combine some choir fundraisers within the context of a concert. People love to be entertained, and a concert is a perfect opportunity to show the community just what their money would be going to support. You can sell tickets to the event, of course, but there are also plenty of other ways that you can supplement the income from the ticket prices in order to maximize what you get out of your choir fundraisers.

If you are going to have the concert at the church itself, you could combine it with a meal and make a complete event of it. Getting volunteers from the choir and the church to put together a luncheon or dinner would cut down on costs, and you could add the meal in to the cost of the ticket price. If you don't want to go for a full sit-down meal, or don't have the adequate church hall space to accommodate everyone, you could stick with snacks and drinks, which can still bring a lot of money in at choir fundraisers.

Lastly, you could have volunteers mingling through the crowd during the intermission, getting those last few fundraising opportunities in. Things like scratch cards and fundraising candy bars are perfect during performance breaks, and can really help make the most of your event. To see more great ideas for choir fundraising, try browsing through our fundraising pages and get some inspiration.