Cross country is an important sport, but like any physical activity, there are some costs involved. Cross country runners tend to be in it for the competition, but competitions involves travel, and traveling involves money.

Aside from travel expenses, there are often entry fees as well, and of course you need to keep the runners in uniforms and maybe even shoes. Cross country fundraising is a great way to see that these costs are met, as the school cannot always over everything that the athletes need. If this is your first time organizing a fundraising effort, it can be challenging, but you can certainly have a good deal of success if you get yourself organized ahead of time.

Understanding what your goals are is often the hardest part of cross country fundraising. It's not good enough just to aim for making "as much as possible," because then you'll never really know when you've reached your goal, and your fundraiser could wander on aimlessly forever.

Work out to the dollar exactly how much you need to raise, so that your fundraising team has a clear goal and they can get motivated about reaching it.

Cross country fundraising is a lot more successful when everyone understands what they're working for. Choosing the right cross country fundraising idea is not that hard, but sometimes people make the mistake of picking a fundraiser that doesn't really match their team or their goals. If you have a smaller team, make sure you keep an eye on the requirements of each fundraiser.

Some fundraising ideas have minimum order requirements, or shipping charges that can really sting if you think your sales volume might be low. You don't want your cross country fundraising profits to be eaten up in shipping charges, so make sure you understand the requirements and details of each fundraiser before you commit to a particular one.