If you have been involved with the school sports scene for any decent amount of time, you have already experienced how energetic and passionate the players are, and how focused they can get when they have a goal they want to reach. Being positive and energetic is part of their personalities, and this is something you'll definitely want to use to your advantage when you are organizing school sports fundraisers. Not only can you help the team to achieve their goal with an appropriate school sports fundraiser, you'll be showing them that teamwork is more than just about what they accomplish on the playing field. School fundraisers come in a lot of varieties, though, so you'll need to know the differences before you choose one.

There are two basic choices you can go with: brochure-based pre-sell fundraisers, or direct sales. Brochure-based school sports fundraisers may seem like a bit of a hassle, what with the order forms and money collecting issues, but a lot of pre-sell school sports fundraisers are capable of making a significant amount of money for your team, and a lot of people like the sound of that. Also, there's no money for you to put down upfront, which can be an issue for some teams. We send you all the order forms and brochures you need free of charge, and the money for your school sports fundraiser products comes from the orders that are taken.

Direct sale school sports fundraisers work in a more straightforward way, as you you sell the products directly and keep the money you get at the point of sale. However, the trick with this is that of course it requires some initial investment on your part. Most people don't have a problem with this, though, as you make up your investment money fairly quickly, and the rest of your school sports fundraisers money is profit. If you think these are the right kind of school sports fundraisers for you, have a look at our direct sales school sports fundraisers pages to learn more.