If your group is looking for new and exciting PTA fundraising ideas, then look no further. The Money Savings Card fundraiser is the newest way to raise money for your school. It is the easiest fundraiser available and the most profitable.

A Money Savings Card is essentially a card that your customers will purchase during your PTA fundraiser that will allow them to save money while shopping online. Your group will sell the cards for $10 each. Customers will go online and login to the appropriate website with the username and password featured on the back of the card. From that website they will have access to countless online savings and discounts that are often only found through the purchase of a Money Savings Card.

The amount of money that is made during this PTA school fund raiser, is determined by the amount of cards your school purchases. With a minimum of 25 cards, your group is already making 50% profit. The more cards you buy, the lower the cost per card will be for the upfront cost. Groups can make up to 90% profit with the Money Savings Cards fundraiser.

Save yourself some time and trouble the next time you are in the market for a new elementary school PTA school fundraiser. Money Savings Cards offer you a fantastic profit, they are easy to sell, and they never expire ? your group, along with your customers, are sure to love them!